Introduction to $TAUNT

Taunt Network

Taunt Network LTD ("TNL") is a Seychelles-based entity specializing in web3 and token-based solutions. With deep expertise in the blockchain industry, we focus on innovating content creation and live video entertainment. Our objective is to revolutionize live streaming with an initial focus on web3 dapps, offering new monetization strategies for creators, and diverse revenue streams for developers. We achieve this through strategic collaborations and integrating gameplay, live video, and blockchain innovations. The $TAUNT Token ("TT") is central to our strategy, bridging gaming, web3, and interactive streaming to enhance user experiences.

Forevver Association - Exclusive Issuer of $TAUNT

The Forevver Association aims to cultivate transparent, decentralized, and open technology applications in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). It is empowered to undertake any commercial or non-commercial activity that advances its core mission, including investments in or contributions to ESG projects worldwide. The Forevver Association holds the exclusive right to issue and govern tokens in this endeavor.

The Forevver Association is a nonprofit incorporated in Switzerland. Address: Forevver Association, Gartenstrasse 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland. Registration: CHE-346.409.594

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